Incubating Eggs Question Plz Help!!


7 Years
May 12, 2012
Hi I was wondering if you incubate your eggs and a few days later you candle them and some are infertile can you still eat them even if they were in the incubator for a few days?
I woudnt , I would think that the heat for a few days would cause any harmfull stuff in there a chance to breed if the egg isnt fertle , I just be over cautious though . Someone else may hve a diffrent idea on it.
No, I definitely wouldn't. Eggs that are being incubated are kept at a temperature that encourages growth. That growth could be chick or bacteria/viruses/germs.

If a chick doesn't grow, it'll be bacteria. I think eating an egg that has been in an incubator would be very risky (and gross, but I have the palate of a two year old, so...)

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