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    I am new to all of this egg incubating. I just bought some fertile eggs. Now, how long do I actualy have before they have to go in the bator? If temp fluctuates say 2-3 degrees up and down will they still hatch. I just purchased an absolutely beautiful coop and cabinet incubator along with some hatching eggs from that someone on here reffered my friend too. My hubby almost went with the incubator plans instead of the cabinet from them, but hubby isnt so handy, so I talked him into the cabinet one they have on the site. For the price you cant beat it. Now I have to just get the whole incubating with temps down, I already wasted a dozen eggs trying to use those styrofoam ones, I couldn't get the temp right on that either. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Fertile eggs need about 24 hours resting after receiving in the mail, 12 hours for local pick-ups.

    Big end up, so the air sac can get situated properly.

    If your incubator varies that little, you are golden! Be very wary of temps higher than 101.5 anf lower than 95.5...if it stays here the entire time you shouldn't have too many problems.

    The humidity also needs to be correct..for chicken eggs it should be about 30%-50% , for waterfowl eggs closer to 50%. If you live in a dry area attempting the dry incubation method is far less effective then if you live in a wet area where the humidity generally stays above 50% regularly.

    Good luck on your hatch! Any idea what kind of eggs you've got?

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