Incubating Emu eggs


10 Years
Sep 1, 2010
Long Island, NY
I am getting very interested in Emus and I wanted to know if their are special requirements for incubating them, I looked on the GQF web site and they have egg trays that could go in my 1502. Would they be able to hatch in the hatching tray of a GQF? Also what temp should they be? Any other tips might be useful, and I know they lay in the winter, but I am getting ready ahead of time.
they can jump very well but mostly only when very frighted, then they do a crash into, jump, flip over thing. 5ft or higher is best but if you raise them young and do not allow them to ever push a barrier over, then they are often kept in lesser heights. I often use corral panels, but one of my emu and wiggle under it if their is a hollow in the dirt... hehe. I could not get my cabinet bator to get down to the low humidity that they need (30% is hard in FL sometimes ) so I used a Hovabator kept temps at 96-97.
I'm afraid I do not have rheas... yet, LOL but since from what I've seen they are similar to emus, only a little smaller, then I would assume so. The more property you have, the less concern of a high fence unless something chases them.

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