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    Expecting a dozen Swedish Flower egg to arrive tomorrow or Friday. The seller recommends letting the eggs sit small end down 'to settle" before placing in the incubator. Is this common practice and/or advisable?[​IMG]
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    yes, you will most likely have loose air cells and it gives them a chance to "heal". i've also learned something new here at BYC, to incubate them in a turner or egg carton (tip the egg carton for turning) and not to lay them on their sides. eggs that have been shipped are......well, consider them eggs in ICU. also, i've read that if the air cells are loose, while incubating don't turn them for the first 7 days. if the air cells are irregular (long or kidney shaped for example) then don't turn them for 3 days. but i've never tried this but this is info that came from a vet and somebody on this board who knows what they're talking about. i'm trying it with some eggs that are shipped and in the bator right now.
    i've never heard of swedish flower eggs. i'll have to google it and look at images. good luck!
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    wow! i looked them up and they're pretty! kinda like speckled sussexs! the roos are really pretty! sounds like a fun breed!

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