Incubating mixed eggs- Standard and Bantam

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    I read that bantams may hatch as early as Day 19. When should I put the eggs in lockdown?

    I set them in the morning of March 16
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    Move you banty eggs to lockdown on day 18. More Bantam breeds go to day 21 than day 19.
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    My silkies still hatch day 20-21. Candle day 18 to see if you see any internal pips. If you do lockdown. I’ve lockdown as late as day 19.
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    Lies... or poor incubation parameters. :old

    I read the same thing over and over again. It *could* happen but isn't the norm and to me a bigger indicator of incubation issues.

    I hatch my Silkie eggs along side all my others... EE, Marans, whatever... They ALL hatch on day 21.

    I always go to lock down by the end of day 18. (accidentally 19 recently once) The day you set IS day 1. And they SHOULD hatch on the same exact day of the week 3 weeks later.

    Making sure to move your eggs around inside the incubator is KEY to having all your eggs hatch on the same day. Even inside circulated air bators there are temp differences throughout. So rotating to a new location helps to ensure even development of all the embryos.

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