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May 21, 2011
Hello guys! Yes, its me again, prowling to pick your brains for more knowledge!
Just a quick one this time, and forgive me if its been answered already. But does anyone know the incubation period for mixed and white khaki duck eggs? When should I stop turning them etc. I have them in a home made incubator but its pretty good, should I need to alter the temp or anything. They have been in for 20 days now, have been candled and they all look healthy and wiggling around. I cant wait to be a daddy! Im sooooo excited Im going to book the week off work they are due to be hatched!
28 days is the incubation period. Stop turning around day 25, and raise the humidity as high as it will go.

How do your air cells look? What percentage of the egg space do they fill? Inadequate air cell space is a common cause of late-incubation loss, so start keeping an eye on them. If they are not developing well, you have time to help out by spritzing them daily and lowering the humidity (removing all sources of water from the incubator). Spritzing encourages evaporation from inside the egg by taking advantage of the polarity of water molecules (they are attracted to each other, so a light spritzing "draws" water out of the egg). Lower humidity of course makes it easier for water to evaporate out of the egg. You are aiming for approximately 1/3 of the egg to be air cell at hatch time.

If the air cells are growing too fast (if they are already 1/3 the size of the egg, for instance), then you'll want to raise your humidity and try to keep the incubator closed as much as possible between now and hatch.

Don't forget that when you stop turning the eggs, you want to also stop opening the incubator. High, consistent humidity is key to a successful hatch. Opening & closing the incubator messes with that in a big way.

Good luck! Happy hatching vibes coming your way!
Curiositycat, I can see me and you becoming good friends!
, thank you ever so much. Its nice to talk to people with as much love as I have for these little guys. Im so nervous though, its my first time incubating and I wanna get it right, give the little guys a fighting chance! I have had the humidity to 55% from day one, and the air sacks looks pretty good. I get nervous candling them though, I dont like doing it because I dont wanna drop one or crack it someway. Is candling needed? or just advised? Could I wait till the incubation period hits 28 days and keep an eye on them without candling?
You can stop candling until day 25 now. At day 25, if all looks good, then you're going to "lock them down" and stop candling--or handling at all--altogether. You'll take them out of the turner, increase your humidity, close the incubator, and SIT ON YOUR HANDS until they are done hatching. lol, that is WAY harder than it sounds, but also very important. Nearly everyone messes up part of their first hatch by messing around with it after lockdown, because they get worried and think they're helping, but really they're just messing up the microclimate the little guys need for hatching.

Of course, if you're worried, the FIRST thing you should do is post your concerns here. Then, if you are advised to leave well enough alone for now (which you probably will be), then go find something to do for several hours.

Good luck. It sounds like all is well and you should have some little beauties to play with in less than two weeks!
BTW, I lived in Newmarket, Suffolk County when I was a pre-teen, so I still think of England with a certain amount of nostalgia. That's also why I know pill bugs are called wood lice there, lol--we used to use them for science experiments!

Do stay in touch. I tend to be hot and cold on these boards--I love them, but when I get busy sometimes I don't drop in much for a while. Always feel free to PM me if you have questions or whatever.
Curiositycat you have been wonderfull! Thank you! But dont go cold on me during "lock-down" Il need someone to chat to keep me from wanting to cuddle my eggs!
Il keep you updated of any movement at all! Im so excited!

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