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Im new to breeding quail, I have a 2.5 colony and they just started laying. (1st egg yesterday!) I have a circulated air sterofoam type incubator with the automatic egg turner. I have it set to 99.5. I want to produce as many as possible since Im using these as feeders. However my question is, how do I save up the eggs to put them all in the incubator together if im only getting a few a day? I had originally thought I could just add the eggs to the incubator as they are laid but upon more reading, the stopping of the turned a few days before hatch-date, I dont know how I would do that if they all have different hatch dates. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
how would one go about keeping them at that temp? I cant even think of a way other than a wine cooler but I would hate to have to go out and buy one just for that.
Put dates on them build a home made incubator and use it just for the eggs that have to go on lockdown... I made one and I had to build another both of the ones o made were successful. Igor the idea from YouTube its easy and inexpensive..
I'm in the same position. I just started getting some eggs 3 days ago. I've been labeling the shells with a pencil. I was thinking of setting up another incubator/brooder for the older eggs that need more humidity. Good luck!
if you can store them in a basement or garage that is not too cold it will work. even room temp if it is cool just so incubation does not start.
I have a friend who keeps them in a drawer in her basement bird room, temp is about 65 in there, after day six she puts them in incubators or cooks them for treats for her other birds, whichever she is ready for.

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