Incubation time


Jul 26, 2016
Ive never posted on here but I have a question. I got a incubator from tractor supply and some lavender orpington fertile eggs I started the Incubation on the 1st of July and today the 26th the timer finally says 0days left. I have candles all the eggs at about day 14 and only 4 of them had growth inside so I disposed of the others. My question is its been way over the 21 days should I recandle now and look for movement or wait a few more days to look for piping? Thank you
I doubt you will get anything from these eggs. I would put them in some water and see if they move. If there is movement, you might get some chicks. Put them back in the incubator and if nothing happens within 6-10 hours, open them, at least partially. If they don't move, open them and see what happened.
Is your incubator still air or forced air? Did you calibrate a thermometer to check the accuracy of the temp reading? What temp were you running? Low temps can delay hatch? Were the eggs shipped? Definitely candle them and look for signs of life. No harm in candling eggs late in incubation.

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