Incubator arriving, hatch starting


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
I have just got my 60 egg incubator, and I am putting in 3 duck eggs and then in a week I am going to put in 45 chicken eggs so the incubation has official started :D :celebrate all are welcome to join in :)
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Candled my three duck eggs (day 11 today), and they are all moving :celebrate so excited now :D one is moving like crazy, and the other two are moving every now and again :D i candled a few of my chicken eggs day 4)and im happy to say i have about 5 silkie eggs and of the two i candled they are both growing :D i didnt candle all 48 eggs, but of the ones i did candle (about 20 )2 or 3 are in fertile one had the ring of death :/ and all the rest are growing so excited :D :celebrate :fl :fl :fl :celebrate :D
So i candled all my eggs, and there was one with the ring of death, and 16 that were infertile, or just didn't grow, and that leaves me with 3 duck eggs, and 24 chick eggs :) although there is one which i cant find ahaha i have it wrote down on a note pad (i numbered them all) and i couldn't see it, but i didn't want to look for it for to long as the eggs were starting to cool down, so i have 27 viable eggs(not including the one i cant find ahah) due to hatch on the 20th of may :) 15 days to go :D :celebrate

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