Incubator broke on day 13....

Quail friend

Apr 11, 2020
Hi all we had our incubator break on day 13 ...eggs were cold when I got home didn't know what to do so made a makeshift light and tubs of water in a container... temp was 36.7 for a while and was that when i went 10 pm but temps went up to 40.2 at 12 am I adjusted the lamp now at temp 35.8 humidity 80% but I have been opening the lid alot to sort out them temp.... hoping some hatch i popped a small the top any tips on how to.keep the temps more stable with my makeshift incubator many thanks all take care 🙂
Grab a reptile temp controller from petco or something and plug your heat source (lamp or heat map into it.) They are programmable, you'll be able to set temp and itll work as needed. If you grab a heat mat put a inch or so layer of wood shavings down and put the eggs on that. I have good luck with a homemade incubator I built like this. You can you a lamp and pad of wanted. Most of those controllers can have multiple things plugged in.
This is what mine looked like. There was two heat mats one underneath And one ducktaped to the inside of the lid. Be careful with the bottom heat mat if you do that. You can over heat the eggs if there to close to it even with the controller


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Hi all yes very lucky indeed this morning I heard superloud chirping and early in the morning the bulb died i picked them up and the chicks were cold to touch and really I thought they were toast but popped them under the heat lamp and all survived happy as now ... lucky second time round!


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