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Apr 15, 2014
Hi all im having very small temp fluctuations it holds at 37.5 and now and then it will go down to 36.9 for a few seconds and go back up to 37.5 its a forced fan incubator a 48 egg one now it never did this untill I added the eggs the eggs were added yesterday at 11 am could it just be the egg's are not up to temp yet and need to stabilize cheers

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Any help would be great as getting worried about the eggs or will this temp drop not hurt

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What else could if be if it's not not the eggs

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Ok I'm just getting woriried the eggs have only been in 24 hours
As said small fluctuations are common to all incubators it is the average temp that counts
Do you think it will help if I put the pollastein cover round the bottom of it

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