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7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Nova Scotia, Canada
I've got a still air hovabator, hatched coturnix in it before, but this time with my buttons I'm having trouble keeping the temp stable. It seems to fluctuate between 100.5, and 98.2. It always drops if I leave my door open, but even closed all night the temp was lower this morning than it is now. What is a safe range of temp fluctuation, if any? And is it true that if the egg "sweats" in the incubator, it is infertile?
i havn't heard of this egg sweating thing you speak of. but eventho the incubator might show fluctuation, as long as the average temp at the TOP of the egg is between 99-101.5 you should be fine, since still air recommended is 100.5 just keep in mind the average, if half the time its at 99ish and other half its at 101ish you should be ok.

only thing i can suggest is to use some baby food jars filled with water(and sealed of course) as heatsinks inside the incubator to steady out the temps.

if you HAPPEN to be using the hovabator 1602n i can tell you how to put a fan in it which will also make your temps more stable. as in still air there will always be hot and cold spots.
Most small incubators are deaigned to operate in the lets say 60 to 80 deg range(ambient temp).My if there in the mid area of those # great if your at the extremes of those # high or low there can be problems...cva34

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