Incubator/hatching help.


8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
Mid-Coast, Maine
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My Coop
I'm going to start incubating some of my ducks eggs.
I used the incubator to hatch my ducks I have now. But I've never had to hold the eggs until I had enough. I have an incubator with an automatic turner and i don't want to put the eggs in a different times and risk one that's hatched getting caught in the turner. I want to put them all in at one time and have them on the same schedule. She is (obviously) laying about one a day and I would like to be able to hatch as many as possible. How long can you hold them for until they NEED to go in the incubator and where do you even put them to hold them. It gets very cold here at night and they tend to freeze and crack outside. Any advice will help, THANKS GUYS!
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