Incubator humidity: Welsh Harlequins

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    May 1, 2017
    Hi, first time to this forum. I'm incubating 10 WH in a few days and found this posting on humidity.

    It's a compelling write up and I love good data. However, 40% is lower than anything else I read online. Like anyone, I'd love to do my best by these eggs. Has anyone hatched the Welsh and can offer tips? As far as weight, I know 13-14% loss is optimal, is that an average per day for 28 days?
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    I go even lower, actually. I keep it to 30%. That's what works best in my area. With this being your first time, I'd start at around 40 to 50 percent and then make adjustments based on the weight loss so you can find out what's optimal for you.

    14 to 17 percent weight loss over the entire incubation period is what you're aiming for. So for example if you had an egg that was 100 grams, you'd want it to lose about 15 grams by lockdown. So that means you want it to lose about 3.75 grams a week.
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