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Apr 28, 2011
Hi all
I was just trying to do a little more research before I start setting my eggs and was wondering if I could get some critisicam about it
And some pointers.
Ok now I build my own plywood incubator 600x400mm with one window on lid heat lamp thermostat automatic turner and analog hygrometer with a small bowl in corner, please feel free to give as much criticism as nessecary I want this to be perfect.

And I just wanted to know If after I get the humidity stable will it change after putting the eggs and turner in.

Thanks greatly appreciate any feedback,
The turner motor gives off heat but I don't know if it's enough to raise the temp in your bator but shouldn't affect your humidity.
The temp will drop after adding the eggs but don't make any adjustments too soon. Make that decision after 24 hours when the eggs have reached temperature.
After the bator reaches temperature than I would start thinking about making humidity adjustments then, if needed.
Eggs do give off moisture as they dry down and will most likely raise the humidity from what your bator was while running empty.
Hope this helps

Best of luck on your hatch,
The turner motor really needs to be outside the machine.
The moisture loss from eggs is tiny - around 15% of their weight over the whole incubation period - unless the incubator is stuffed full of eggs, that makes no difference.
If an incubator drops in temperature after adding eggs, I would worry that the machine had enough power - the air temperature should go straight back to set point within a very few minutes of closing the machine even if it takes an hour or so for a large egg to warm through.

One heat lamp in the machine? No fan/circulation? I would think that the temperature distribution would be horrible.
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