Incubator Questions Plz.


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I have eggs delayed 2 days they will hatch 2 days after the 1st batch hatch. Now I am wondering when I raise the Humidity on day 18 for the 1st batch will it effect the 2nd batch? That will be on day 16?

ALSO, Biggest Question In my still air LG my temp and humidity drop at night when the temps outside drop. Not too low so far just from 101 to 99 and hum from 50 to 46. Now once temps fall more to 20-30 outside is my temps going to fall even more? How can I pervent this? If I keep the red plugs in it does not do this as bad I thought about wrapping a towl around the opening all around to lock it in better at nights on colder days. Need advice help!
I wouldnt do the staggerd hatch unless I had a hatcher. But it might not do to bad. You might have to up the temp in your house, or move the bator to a place where there is a stedier temp. The flutulation is not to bad but, sometime will delay a hatch. I would say thats the worst it could do. Goodluck, -Jay
I'm going to have the same problem soon, Some Silkie eggs came up in the Crazy Auction Thread and I had to have them, so now I have to buy a second incubator to use has a hatcher for the eggs I have in the bator now, so the silkie eggs can stay in the incubator without the humidity raise ruining them.

Good Luck.

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