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    I am a high school science teacher and just found an incubator in the back of the storage in my lab, I have chickens at home and was wondering about hatching some chicks at school for the educational value of it, WHat do I need to know it is a square box like a little oven it has three open "vent"holes in the top and thre adjustable "vent Holes" in the bottom. I have it plugged in now to see if it will hold a constant temp. it does have a therstatic switch on it to control the temo, I have a theromstat in it now to check.
    What else do i need to do or know?
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    You will also need to control you temps...anywhere from 99.5 to 102 depending on what type of bator you have to work with...also your humidity will need to be controlled...40 to 50% during the first 18 days, 60 to 70% the last three days...does the bator have a turner to turn your eggs for you if not you will need to hand turn for 18 days and then stop...turning by hand is usually 3 times a day ...stopping on day 18 to let the chicks get in position to hatch....

    Look for a name of what type incubator you have...

    Hope this helps...just chime in and everyone will try to help with your questions...just take a middle road if too much is thrown out there at ask again and decide what will work for thoughts

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