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Jun 6, 2009
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What incubator would you guys recommend for me as a noob. I'm looking to start by buying about 24 hatching chicken eggs online and hatch them myself and then if I like doing it I'll keep getting more every month and trying different birds. I am not looking for something too fancy or expensive. The 'bators that I am looking at now are the Hova-Bator 1602 and the Little Giant 9200. What about automatic egg turners? Are they a necessity?
Another question I have is about humidity. Do I just put a damp sponge in the incubator? I have read on here that you can buy cheap thermometers at Walmart . So all I really need is the incubator, egg turner, thermometer and a wet sponge???
I bought my thermometer at walmart it reads both temp and humidity. I think it cost about 7 bucks.And the sponge for humidity really depends on where you live as to if you'll need it or not.
Your very welcome.And watch out once you get the hang of hatching you'll be addicted just like the rest of us.I have 37 eggs I moved to the hatcher for a saturday hatch.GOOD LUCK

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