Incubator Requirements (Heat/Humidity/Turning/etc)


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I promise I searched before I posted this, but I would LOVE it in plain english.

Incubating needs warmth, humidity, and you need to turn the eggs.

I want to know the bare essentials, as well as the required temperature and humidity.

And also, I know that people have crazy things like water wigglers and computer cooling fans. Why? What are they for?

So can I get a nice, easy list of
Bare essentials of incubating?
Extras to simplify the process? (auto-turners and such)
Tips and Tricks?

I'd like to make a nice simple list I can refer back to when I build my incubator, and hopefully one that will help out everyone else.
If possible, I would love to make a sticky worthy list

New Question How do you regulate the temperature if your using a lightbulb? Or any other heater?
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Still Air incubator temps 101 to 102 nothing higher.

Forced Air (Fan) 99.8

You will need a temp/hygrometer gauge to show you the actual temps inside the bator and the humidity level.

Humidity level range 40 to 50% first 18 days, I bump mine anywhere from 60 to 70% the last 3 days of incubator. Add wet new sponges or washcloth to help if needed after filling the water wells.

If hand turning I do 3 turns a day, mark an X on one side and an O on the other helps know which you have turned last.

Some people use water wigglers with a temp gauge and probe. It just simulates the internal temp of an egg. I don't use them and have never seen the need.

Fans just help circulate the air inside the bator and keep the temps more evenly distributed. I have still airs and circulated (fan) both have great hatching results.
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The 1st post is spot on, only thing to add is if you had an auto turner you wouldn't turn manually

I also use still air with good results
I have still air I keep the temp 99.5 - 100F humidity in the 40's to 50's then I bump it up to mid to high 60's up to 70% humidity. I now use the automatic turner which is GREAT! Eggs need to be turned prior to incubation so if I'm storing eggs because I'm still gathering them or I'm waiting on incubator stability or I'm waiting on shipping eggs to rest then I keep them in the cartons to keep them turning/rocking in a more uniform way. They should be stored in a tempbetween 50 to 60 degrees. I use a block to set one side of the carton on & then later I turn it around so it's the opposite side up. Prior to having the auto turner I've continued this method in the incubator as well, taking care the eggs do not get too close to the heating element... It was my experience, that using the carton, if I had so many eggs I needed 2 cartons it was too difficult to have them set high enough that they were really turned without them being too close to the heating element & if it was just 1 carton then I could have just as easily turned 12 by hand...
that's why I finally just got the auto turner.

here's some formal instructions from some eggsperts

good luck

Oh sorry I forgot the biggest tip & the easiest way for me so far is my broody hen...

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