Incubator stalled at 97


7 Years
Jun 16, 2012
Zone 8a
brinsea oco-ectogon. Test ran all night humidity stable at 44% and temp at 99.5%.

Added eggs now temp is stalled at 97....

Eggs were in the room and temp is 68-69.

It's been about an hour, humidity is still 44 but temp doesn't seem to be coming all the way back up.

How long do I wait until I worry, I don't want to mess with the thermostat because it was at temp all day and night.

Could the colder eggs be causing the incubator to take longer to come back up to temperature?

Please reassure me that this is normal, I've got $200 worth of eggs in there right now and I'm starting to panic
I don't have a brinsea so I don't have advice on that specific model. Putting your eggs in might make the incubator fluctuate a bit but shouldn't cause it to have problems climbing to temp. Has the temp in the room changed much lately? If not and your still not seeing a climb in temps by about 4 or 6 hours I would bump the temp just a touch. Very little and give it time to react. Your eggs will be fine at that temp for the first 15 to 24 hours so you have time to fix the temp problem.
Thank you both!
It's been a few years and I'm a bit rusty.

Looks like we are slowly creeping up to temperature, just taking long enough to get my heart jumping.

I figured the logical reason was colder eggs but just needed the pat on the head
Glad to hear it. I've lost eggs in the past and no matter what they came from it always sucks. My last loss was a lightening storm that took out my incubator control boards along with other stuff around the house. Luckily they were mixes that I was doing my set up to get ready for the season with but I still hated to loose them.

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