incubator stuck on 37.7 is this to high

I assume you mean centigrade temperature!?! Mine is set at 37.6 and varies by +/- 0.5 degrees. They are developing normally so you're probably OK. (This is my first clutch in the incubator however.) Turn them every day and keep the humidity up. On day 25, turn the temperature down to 37.0 if you can. Increase the humidity and don't turn them!
yes i do mean Celsius, its stuck tho so cant turn it down, its got an automatic turner, this is my 3rd time hatching and ive always had babys i normally hatch at 36c so fingers crossed
That temperature seems okay. According to my calculations, that is 99.86 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, you want to keep the temperature in an incubator when incubating eggs at 99-100 degrees F.

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