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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by DillardHome, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Sep 2, 2009
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    Hello All!

    Back in April I posted a similar topic and the response I received was the Hovabator model #1588 with auto egg turner, at the time of my post I was merely inquiring for future reference.

    Now I am seriously looking to purchase an incubator. I am looking for just a SIMPLE hobbyist unit, nothing fancy. I'm sure since my April post a newer version of the above incubator has been released and maybe even a different brand is out there.

    Any advice? What's new out there for a total newbie that is simple to use?

    Recommendations are appreciated [​IMG]

    Thanks so much [​IMG]
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    Brinsea Mini Eco. I haven't used mineyet though!
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    Jul 13, 2010
    Definitely a Mini Eco if you have a smaller budget. It keep the temps good and it is simple to use. It bounces back to normal temps very quickly after opening it, within a minute. The Advance version is even better with the auto-turn option. A little more expensive, but stupid proof. It also depends on how many eggs you want to do. The styrofoam ones are good if you want to do more eggs but it's a little more work. They take more practice. If you want to do just a few eggs with not much effort, the Mini's are a good choice. Good luck.
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    Brinsea, Brinsea, Brinsea. The Mini Eco is a good incubator, the Mini Advance is better, and the Mini Advance EX is the priciest of the Mini line, for 7 chicken eggs or less. Two months ago I was new to incubating and I bought a Mini Advance because I didn't want to have to turn eggs manually. Then I added a Mini Advance EX, with the humidity pump. REALLY stupid-proof.

    I now have two each of the Mini Advance and Mini Advance EX incubators, an Octagon 20 Advance EX and have ordered a second Octagon Advance EX model. Oh, I also bought an R-COM incubator (holds 3 eggs).

    (Yes, I went absolutely nuts with incubators after my first hatch. But I recently quit smoking and am spending my cigarette money and a little bit more *cough* on this new obsession.)

    I first bought the 7 egg models because I didn't want to go hog-wild with incubation. [​IMG] I think the smaller number is good for hobbyists. Some folks here in BYC might think a incubator that holds 24 eggs (the Octagon) is a "small" number of eggs. I guess I do, now, too....

    After all, if you're incubating shipped eggs, they don't all hatch. I never expected ANY eggs *I* incubated would hatch, and think ONE chick hatching is a successful hatch. Luckily, I've had 6 of 7 hatch, 3 of 7 hatch, 3 of 7 hatch, and 6 of 7 hatch.

    I have never been interested in any incubator made of Styrofoam. Ick. Gimme hard plastic and factory heaters and fans!

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