Incubator suggestions? Under $300?

Thanks a lot, that sounds like a pretty good deal, 20 eggs in the Octagon 20 Advance. But I wonder if I will need more than one, or perhaps a larger incubator. :-\

I've got a Rouen and two East Indies. But I have a straight run of 10 Khaki Campbells coming in a couple days and wonder what my male/female ratio will be and if I will eventually need another or a bigger one. :-\
Whats the egg carton method?

I was actually hoping for broody duck breed, but alas I decided to go with quantity and not quality (of mother). :-(
I bought a Brinsea oct 20. Have not tried it yet though, but I have heard lots of good reviews.

Where did you get your campbells from? Mine came from Cackle I was just wondering.

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