incubator temperature? & power off!

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    Hi all,

    I'm brand new to incubating, having my first go, in a 'mini' uninsulated incubator. 2 questions...

    First, & I've read other threads here that make me hopeful... the power went out last night, for about 7 hours! Was a warmish night but frosty morning(we're late Spring, southern Australia). Hopefully back on before it got too cool in the house, about 5am this morn.

    Next question, in looking up stuff on the net about the power outage, I have come across advice that chicken eggs should be incubated at 39.2 degrees C(sorry, don't know that in F). The previous info I have seen advised 38 degrees, and that is what it has been on. When I thought about upping it, I find the incubator doesn't go that high!! It won't go past 38.5(tho it says 39.5, one degree out by thermometer) Opinions on this please?(other than I obviously have a 'budget model' inc!

    Oh & the humidity I've seen some conflicting advice about - some have said it can't be too humid...?
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    Hi :welcome

    Glad you joined the flock. Hopefully with it not being such a cool night it may well have just slowed the incubation period down. I have a cool down option on my bator which turns the heat off for the amount of time I select. This is to mimic what mother hen would do when she naturally gets of the nest to eat and drink everyday. Try not to worry.

    Temps - This is how I incubate with success. 37.5 Celsius for the whole incubation period.

    Humidity - Day 1-18 I have 45%. At lockdown day 18 onwards when you stop turning the eggs I have 65%.
    Hope this helps and good luck.

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