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  1. JennH07

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    May 1, 2010
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    My DH made us a incubator and I'm trying it out when I just realized that the thermometer reads only 99 or 100 there is no point 5 or anything. So my question is should I keep the temp at 99 or 100? THANKS ALL!!!!!!! This is a digital thermometer/hygrometer.
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  2. pascopol

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    Get more accurate thermomether.
  3. gallatea

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    Mar 31, 2010
    I've found digital thermometers of all kinds totally inaccurate by up to 10 degrees. I bought quite a few and compared. I have to keep my digital thermometer at 101 to keep the temp at about 99.5. The thermometers (digital) on the incubators are almost always inaccurate. I would set up several to see what you get. I think you'd be fine at either 99 or 100 granted you keep it those temps very steadily the whole time incubating. Granted this is an accurate measurement. Humidity is important to keep steady too except last 3 days when you raise it and lower the temp.
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    Jan 5, 2011
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    New to incubating... The initial temp is 99.5... What do you change that to on day 18 of the hatch?

  5. JennH07

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    May 1, 2010
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    I have soon no info on that. Crap!!! I had no idea that you had to change the temp at the end, I thought only the humidity.

    HA!!! Found it, should have guessed since it makes perfect sense. 95 degrees. What you keep the chicks at after hatch.
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    YEP ... at least 2 in an incubator ... if not 3! I've had 3 different readings at one time before! OH ... and to answer you question .... I've had great hatchs with both temps ... what it says resting on top of the eggs and beside the eggs can be completely different!
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    I have only recently seen threads about changing the temp at lockdown. I don't know if this is accurate though. I have only done two hatches but never changed the temperature at lockdown. If you think about it, a broody's temp doesn't change three days before hatching, so I wouldn't change your temp at lockdown. Just my opinion.
    ETA - the Brinsea Spot Check thermometer is very accurate and not very expensive if you are looking for a good digital thermometer.
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