Incubator Thermometer & Hygrometer (3018) Used but in perfect condition w/wick have 5

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    Thanks for looking.

    I have 5 Incubator Thermometer & Hygrometers model (3018) that I purchased new from Cutler supply and would like very much to sell as I am no longer doing incubation and raising birds because of health reasons. I think $9 each is a fair price. They are $23 new plus shipping.

    I will include 1 foot of wick to use for wet bulb readings for each one I sell.

    I will ship them via USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box for $5.80 each. I am sure I can get three in one box for one shipping price if you are interested in more than one. For $10 shipping I will ship all 5 and send the 2 yard roll of wick uncut....and you can cut what you want.

    I can do Paypal if that works for you......otherwise a check is fine.

    Please message me with any questions.

    Thanks Again for looking.

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