Incubator too humid?


9 Years
Oct 24, 2013
so i keep getting this happen to my incubator. It's like condensation i think, so every time i go out to check the eggs, i wipe it off with a cloth.
Is this normal or is there something wrong?

These are the stats for inside the incubator. The temperature is in Degrees Celsius not Fahrenheit by the way :)

All help is highly appreciated :)
Many thanks
Have you ever checked (tested) your thermometer/hygrometer? At 60% condensation is not usually present. Is this a small cooler incubator DIY? What day incubation are you on? 60% is too high for the first 17 days. You don't want to see condensation, that's too much humidity, even at lockdown.
Also the temp looks awfully close to 40C, (which is 104F) and that's a little warmer than you want it.You want to keep it UNDER 39C if it's still air (38ish) and about 37.5C for forced air.

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