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    Nov 30, 2007
    what kind of incubator do you hatch turkey eggs in? I have a brinsea octagon 20 advance will that work to hatch turkey eggs? It does wonderful on my chicken eggs and if so how many will it hold?
  2. I dont see why not. An incubator is an incubator is an incubator... and I have a friend who hatches Peafowl in her Brinsea...
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    we just orderd a sportsman so we can do our peafowl next spring,,, if the wifers hears we could of done it in a cheaper 1,, hard telling how much trouble i would be in,,hehe [​IMG]

    and as long as the turkeys wont stand up and touch a heating element,, anything should do it,, even a box with a heating pad [​IMG]
    unless your very un-intelligent like me [​IMG]

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