Choco Maran

10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
Ribera New Mexico
Hi guys Okay this is probaly a dumb question but here it goes. There are a couple of breeds of chicks I would love to get but they are only in hatching eggs and I do not have a incubator. Can I make one that wwill work from stuff I have at home or where can I get a used one? This may be a one time deal but sure. Thanks for any help.
Also all this will not be until next year some time so a broody hens is not a option right now.

If I get one should I seperate her why the time come or what?
I just asked something similiar today. You can make one.. there is posts on here about how to do that... or you can check on Craigslist in your area and someone may be selling one. I am debating on making one.. or just buying one.. havent decided.

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