Indian Runner Ducks for meat?


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I have a couple indian runners and a mallard. One runner is guaranteed female, but the others are both straight run and too young to sex. In the event that I get a drake, I was wondering how runner ducks (or even a runner-mallard cross) are as meat ducks? I know runners are better as layers and if one wanted to raise ducks for meat they'd be better off getting a muscovy or pekin, but knowing that their primary purpose is for eggs and pets, how is the meat itself? Is it more of a hassle to prepare than it's worth to eat? Comparing a runner to a pekin or muscovy, how much meat is actually available/how many people does a single duck feed? At what age does one butcher a duck for meat before it becomes too tough, as I've heard with chickens?

Thanks guys! I didn't think I'd be able to look at ducklings and picture them as food.. but apparently the last few days I've been craving duck, and the thought of raising a few meat birds just seems easier and easier.
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Runners run from 4-5 pounds full grown on average (according to my research) and Muscovies often 10-15lbs and Pekins generally between 9-10lbs but sometimes a wee bit more. Runners are a tall standing lean duck. Not the fat breasted typically squat duck appearance that Muscovy or Pekin has. I have never considered them for meat just because they are so skinny appearing. I hope someone can chime in here who maybe has.
I know someone who breeds Runners and she eats the males sometimes. She says that they can make a meal for two but you don't get heaps of meat for the effort (and it is a lot of work to pluck a duck). If you are wanting to raise ducks for meat than you might find it more rewarding to get an additional, heavier breed. Will take you the same time to pluck as a Runner, but you will get a lot more at the end of the plucking. Ducks have a LOT of feathers - many more than a chicken...
Thanks for the replies :)

My primary use for them is not for meat, and more for pets/eggs, so I'm not too concerned with not getting lots of meat per duck (but WOW I didn't realize muscovy and pekin get so large!). Moreso, I am crossing my fingers that they are perhaps a tasty, even if more work to prepare duck.. and that they are worth more than just meat for dogs due to the amount of work, or quality of meat.

I have been browsing the local farm & garden section on craigslist for a muscovy or two in the area, though I'd like to know what sex of ducks I have first for best male-female ratio, as I'm limited on space!
With the Runners, I think that the only issue is the amount of work for the amount of meat. But as far as quality goes, the meat would still be just as good as any other duck meat. Definitely too good for doggies, even spoiled doggies :)
The quality of the meat is likely fabulous- but there doesn't seem like there would be much after all the time spend draining, plucking etc. And after all that effort my dog would so not get it! lmbo! If you do get some male Muscovies you could always eat them- much more meat for your efforts! (and I have read in many, many places that Muscovy is especially delish!).
I have read in many, many places that Muscovy is especially delish!

It was some thread I stumbled across here about muscovy meat that set me on this craving. Haha. The more I think about it, the more it seems like I should section off another part of the yard just for raising a few ducks for meat!
I could never kill a pet for meat. maybe buy duck already prepared? let your ducks live in peace.


Not sure how to respond to this. I guess I also appreciate your right to house your single purpose livestock as pets only. Just because a duck will be raised for meat does not mean that it wasn't provided a wonderful duck life, or that I would not appreciate it's sacrifice as my delicious duck meal.
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For some reason your reply makes me laugh, you must have a good sense of humor.

I should never have said anything, I'm just frustrated because I need a home for a flock of 4 Runners and a Khaki Campbell and it's very hard to find not only a good home, but also one where they can live out their natural lives without being dinner.

I'm glad your ducks will have a happy life, that doesn't happen for alot of them.

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