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    Jun 19, 2013
    Albion IN

    I'd take one of those crested chickens off your hands too, if u have any for sale.

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    Apr 29, 2012
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    Nothing else I want to get rid of at the moment. Eventually I'm sure ill have some silkies t sell but need to see how they mature.
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    Feb 2, 2013
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    Congrats! There is a new kid on the block, eh? I've always loved goats, they are personable.

    Does anyone know if I remove one rooster from my flock of 9 chickens, and leave only one rooster, will the one remaining rooster crow more than he does currently? Will he be nicer to the girls? The dominant rooster, our SLW, is aggressive and our hens are looking a bit worn out on their backs. He is so aggressive when covering the girls. I'd like to take them both to freezer camp this Sunday at the party, but I think I'll only be allowed one. Our New Hampshire roo is not so dominant, but he has his moments.
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    Good morning, folks!

    :highfive: I was hoping someone would know the reference! :D

    Jchny, congrats on the new kid! :D

    Too Fast, I'm not totally sure, but it's been my experience that when you remove one rooster, the less dominant one will step up to replace him. A lot depends on the rooster's personality and age as well. Cockerels tend to go through a phase where they're a bit overzealous with the girls, but they do grow out of it eventually. I have had relatively few roosters over the course of my time chickening, though, so if someone else has any thoughts, that would probably be more helpful. :)
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    Sep 2, 2012
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    Pip - Racin - I thank you both for the information. I am soaking this up as much as I can. Going to make some hard notes so I also have reference however I know when the time comes I won't need them anymore. I like the ability to sex the barred chicks early, that might help. As I still have not got myself around to buying an incubator I am relying on my girls to do the work at the moment. If they ever start laying :D Momma (the barred) is 6 months old now and I am yet to see an egg from her.

    Here are my 'girls' in question for the colouring combination.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now to find something suitable to match them all [​IMG]
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    Cluck - Nice to see you back on, even if it was for a short time. Hope everything is well :D

    Irtehun - What cuties

    Pip - My silkie has been making giant leaps everywhere since he was a tiny thing. Moving them outside he still got into the coop door that was 18"+ off the floor.

    Kabhyper - CRSelvey - I too have noticed we are a super friendly bunch on here. Heard a lot of people mention the lack of welcoming to specific threads due to the newcomers lack of knowledge. Shame really. I guess I shall stay here :D

    Brad - Stunning birds as always.

    Mother - Haha, I can refrain from the upright man birds for my collection. I would be having nightmares about it escaping, getting into my house and me finding it doing something human like, like cooking. *shudders

    Jchnny - Wheeeee... a little one. Exciting news. All action on the Jchnny Farm.

    Too Fast - I just removed my jerk dominate rooster and the second in line from the coop so Mr SIlkie has stepped up to the plate. He just started crowing the day the other two were removed (before, not after.. go figure). He is handling it well and looks a little more assertive with his stance. Have not noticed any extra volume, think that might be his nature. I guess if you have one that is not so intent on crowing the day away, chances are he will remain that way.

    Old Salt - How disheartening to hear the hard work you put in that have some other person slum it up. We currently live in the house we used for a rental, 4 times it got trashed and I was so mad with the hard work we put in it at the start and to have to fix everything every time someone moved out in the middle of the night to skip the rent. I understand the need to vent.
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    Home from the Fair. I see I missed a lot. My computer is to slow to go back through them all, but I'll try to keep up from now on !!!
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    Apr 23, 2013
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    Sounds like a fun project. Definitely think about what your goals are for your flock. Looking forward to discussing it with you. Lots of possibilities.
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    May 13, 2013
    Update: after letting her roost by herself for a few days my girl that was getting picked on is now traveling with the flock!!

    Also, I need some input, again :) I kept one roo that seemed to be the most docile of the bunch. He seems to do great with the girls (based on my very limited knowledge of chicken behavior) but he's been "sneak attacking" us. The whole flock will be following me or DH then all of a sudden roo will jump at the back of our legs. What is this about and how do I get him to quit doing it? My biggest concern is he doesn't injure one of my kiddos!
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    Jun 1, 2013

    I don't know to much about rooster behaviors but I have read to hold them down for awhile and take your hand off of him and if he try's to get up hold him back down and keep doing that until he sits there when you take your hand off to show him that you are the boss. Good luck!

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