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    Geez, I was too tired to look at the thread last night and now there are a billion posts!

    Old Salt~ I have to admit that since we don't have chipmunks in Evansville, I haven't experienced their shenanigans. Don't even think about importing yours down here!

    I also thought the same thing when I saw this photo:
    Kiniska~ Please post a lively photo of your pretty birthday cat. We're getting worried that it might be a taxidermy specimen.

    Re the conversation between Old Salt, kabhyper, and CityHenIndy about Bantams and LF getting along~
    I have six LF and one bantam. My LF Jubilee orp and bantam chocolate orp roost together. My concern is that the perch is a little big for the bantam and I'm not sure what to do about that. Since the orps were added after my original five, they are at the bottom of the pecking order. However, the bantam thinks she's a LF and shows no fear. The original hens only run off the orps when there is food involved. My Jersey giant is the head chicken and she is nice to the orps either because Jerseys are laid back or because she has her subordinates do the running off.
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    e13lorena ~ Welcome to the Indiana Thread!

    andyaux ~ Welcome to the Indiana Thread!

    Do you want to be listed on the BYC Indiana Members’ List?
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    Oh I get that, still doesn't mean I have to like failing an animal in my care. Just my $0.02.
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    May 14, 2013
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    yeah it still doesnt feel good :(
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    On the topic of bantams and large fowl, I have five Sebright bantams and a Silkie living with 32 large fowl hens of various breeds without issue. I absolutely agree that my banties don't realize they're banties. (Well, Margie the Silkie probably can't see well enough to distinguish between bantam and LF, but either way! :lol: ) My youngsters have a harder time than the bantams do getting along with the flock. I would absolutely not have bantam hens in a flock with a large fowl rooster, though. LF roosters can and will try to mount bantam hens and it can result in injury.
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    May 13, 2013
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    Drat!!!!!! I wish you had said something earlier. Just this morning, I shipped 47 chipmunks to you that I live trapped.

    Please give them a good home, yours perhaps.[​IMG]

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    I have always had silkies running with the LF with no problems. I even have a Brahma roo in the bunch. Watched one day as a silkie roo decided to challenge the Brahma, who kept trying to walk away--you could almost see him rolling his eyes and saying, "Whatever." The Brahma never did fight with the silkie--just finally left the yard. Whoever said that they don't know that they're bantams is right on!
    They do need a buddy to cuddle with a night, though. [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2013
    I've been keeping an eye on my LF roo to make sure he doesn't take an interest in the Silkie and so far we're good. Hoping he has enough hens to select from that he'll just ignore the munchkin. My grandkids and I are hoping the Silkie is a real hen, but she/he is only 17 weeks old, so I could still end up with a little Silkie roo.

    Thanks for the warning;)
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    I agree. That is why I took Ashes (silkie hen) out of of LF flock. Gus would have smashed her! Plus silkies are a bit different. Having the vaulted skull (exposed brain) they are in much greater dander of injury in a LF flock than other bantams.
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    Aug 12, 2013
    Any guesses as to roo or hen? She just finished a bath and has some preening to do so she can be her true fluffy self.I think her round puff makes her appear to be a hen, but I'm a true beginner.

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