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    Okay at the request of M2H, here is Gus. And I couldn't leave out the big guy, or his lady, so the cochins are in here too. [​IMG] Plus some of the other photobombers.





    [​IMG] Both boys. Living in harmony. It took a little bit, but it is not impossible to introduce another rooster into a flock. They work together. On a side note, Gus' juvenile antics have subsided considerably. He no longer "war dances" at us, and he is getting better about strangers coming into the pasture. He is now a reformed boy, who protects his flock like a pro.
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    Nov 8, 2012
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    Wow Danand, you have been busy. While you are combining I am trying to decide if I should split mine up.
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    Jul 19, 2013
    Thanks. I guess the Rocks could be mutts. I really don't know what they are for sure. I thought they were Leghorns when I bought them as chicks. Also, I guess one of the Red Sexlinks could be laying it? They are mutts, right?

    I'm crossing my fingers for a different shade from the other EE.
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    I use a combination of many. Ive found the one that came with the LG to be pretty accurate. I then use several I got from work that have remote sensors. I also use ones I had for the reptiles. Ill post links when I get home from.
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    Aug 12, 2013
    Beautiful, healthy and happy! Wish I lived in the country and could have more than one LF roo.
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    Those roosters are quite handsome! [​IMG]
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    kabhyper~ Gus is as handsome as ever and looks like he takes his job seriously. He looks annoyed that you took photos without his permission.
    I like your Cochins, too. I was going to get a Blue Cochin from Old Salt to keep my Chocolate Orp warm this winter, but he wouldn't share so my Orp will probably die.
    pbirdhaven said Bantams need a buddy to cuddle with at night. I think she specified Blue Cochins and Chocolate Orps are the best combination to ensure long lives.
    toodlesmom~ The scaly legs mites are gone and weren't that big of a deal compared to Violet's leg injury or all of the Marek's types of symptoms happening to members' flocks. After trying elaborate treatments requiring several steps, I found that VetRx (camphor and oils) applied directly on the legs worked quickly and didn't bother my BR Tweedy nearly as much as prior treatments. Every week, I use my Shark steam cleaner after I clean the coop since the mites leave eggs to hatch later, kind of like fleas.
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    Well my lil roo is not improving. He's quite miserable. I've decided to have him put down as early as I can get an appointment and have the necropsy so that I know for sure what I am dealing with. I want to protect the rest of my flock to the best of my ability. I do feel like I failed them this year. I brought too many in at once from different sources. A week quarantine doesn't do much for a disease with a 4-12 wk incubation period. I've also considered my flock already carried this and I have just never had such a susceptible breed. Who knows.

    On a brighter note I have a new layer. My 22 wk old SLW joined the ranks yesterday. Hurray!
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    Dec 3, 2012
    red sexlinks are hybrids. Breed for high egg production. They lay brown eggs so if you have some of them that is a possibiltiy. What color are the "white rocks" earlobes?
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    Honestly, unless they are high-quality show bred white Plymouth Rocks, ear lobe color isn't going to mean much. It's shape and size that will mean more. Post a recent picture of them and I can give you my best guess.

    As a side note, if you were meaning the egg at the bottom left of the picture you posted, it looked more like a light brown egg than a white egg to me. This is a plausible outcome from outcrossing white Rocks to white Leghorns in order to up production, which is what was done in some hatchery Plymouth Rock stock from what I understand.

    And yes, sexlinks are a hybrid. Mutts are usually accidental crosses or crosses made on a whim. Hybrids are bred for a specific outcome, in this case being sexable upon hatch.
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