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  1. jchny2000

    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

    Jun 30, 2012
    Pendleton, Indiana, USA
  2. jchny2000

    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

    Jun 30, 2012
    Pendleton, Indiana, USA
    I would LOVE to have a Dane, they are so loving and sweet. My dad would never leave it alone. I know once it reached full size he would be getting knocked over all the time.
    They are just so much fun and a friend for life, exceptional breed.. I am still looking for an aussie, 40 pounds is safe for Dad and Mom too.
  3. hogster160

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    Feb 13, 2013
    New Carlisle, Indiana
    He did have a good life. My husband always wanted them, since high school. It took him 20 years to find one. I was intimated by their size. But their hearts are so much bigger than their size. Can't help but love them. That's funny about your dad and you having to call him, they could be stubborn. There have been many nights that someone would be laying down on the floor with the danes. We had 2. Sophie we put down after 4 years due to seizures. Nothing like a great dane having seizures. Very scarey. We tried everything for her, nothing worked. When she started cluster seizing 5-6 times a day and having 6-7 seizures at a time, we knew the best thing we could do for her was to put her down. The whole family went, and we cried for weeks. She was our first dane.

    Thanks for sharing your dane story. I so love hearing them!

    Thanks Sally, our danes were so special to us. The best dogs we have ever had!
    I think we all feared getting the dreaded brown egg from our EE's, I know I did. Being new to chickens, I figured that would be my luck. Mine lay a light blue egg, 3 greens and a pink sometimes
    its more of a lighter shade of brown. congrats on your color!
    Sending prayers her way for a speedy recovery. I am very glad to hear though that she is just bruised. Hope the car will be ok too.

    It is so hard knowing they won't live long. But, the love and joy they give you in those short years, to me are to worth it. I don't think there is a better breed dog out there. Love me some dane babies!

    Oh what a scarey sight to drive up to!

    Oh so full, they are so very tender and sweet. Zeke would lay down next to our grand baby on the floor and take baby steps to get down with her. He was such a good boy!

    My mom is a double amputee and blind. Zeke would walk next to her and she would hold on to his collar. He would guide her to where she was going and around objects safely. And she is not a dog person, was afraid of him and his size. He was so careful around her. She ended up falling head over heals in love with him. I was worried about him stepping on her left foot which is half gone, damaging it more. But was more concerned about hitting her prosthetic which she wouldn't feel until too late. But he always went to her left side, her foot. He never barked or moved suddenly. Zeke was already past the pup stage when mom started to have surgery and he became even more calm when around mom. He even stopped the girls from playing around when mom was close. It was always a main concern of mine, and every time he was such a care taker for her. Just love that dog!
  4. toodlesmom

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    Jul 1, 2013
    Hogster, now I am in tears after reading your story about your Great Dane, Zeke! What a wonderful dog!
  5. vickichicki

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Depending on what you google here are some of the basics...

    Twice as much Omega 3
    Three times more vitamin E
    Seven times more vitamin A beta - carotene
    A third less cholesterol
    Six times more vitamin D

    Also lutein and zeaxanthin in yolks (antioxidants for your eye health)
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  6. vickichicki

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    I am sad we have had a quite night and morning. I am here to change that.. well until I get my self back to work.

    Let's go people..... Too fast loooves reading 1001 posts [​IMG]
  7. danand

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    Jan 28, 2013
    Westport In
    Jchny- so glad she wasn't seriously hurt!! It couve been so much worse!! Remind her that a car is just a car and she will have many in her future.;)

    Thunder- nice eggs!! Looking like a pretty basket full!!;)

    Hogster- so story about you Danes. I've never understood why anyone would want one because they are sooo big but with the personalitys you've described we should all want one!! I has a greyhound, super sweet dogs! They all leaves tracks in our hearts!!
  8. vickichicki

    vickichicki Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 2, 2012
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    So I am excited about my new broodies and things are looking promising with them all. Orange (the slacker who still ran off for food and water) was sitting on a broken egg (with a hole and was oozing out). Removed the egg and like a fool I cracked it open to see... well I am not too sure... think it was more curiosity to see if it was fertile or not... Well it was...

    For those who are squeamish... do not read anymore....

    You have been warned.

    I guess the egg was fertile and maybe around 3-4 days old after googling for more detailed pictures. I was awed and I guess shocked to see a beating mass in the center of the yolk. It blew my mind to see something so developed without a true form. It continued beating for 10 minutes or so. I felt bad after seeing it but I know the egg was never going to make it. If it was turned upside down the remaining white would have ran out the hole. Would be ants everywhere before long.
    Orange had been doing her thing. So I am very hopeful of the others who are putting more effort into it.

    Thankfully I am not smart enough to be able to comprehend the workings of cell division and formation. With the image of a beating (heart?) in the yolk still burned into my brain I think it will stay there for a long time.
    Moral to this... If the egg is bad, just pitch it don't be curious.
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  9. SallyinIndiana

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    Aug 14, 2012
    Bargersville, Indiana
    Quinstar, on your coop, I found your album and was looking at how you attached the roof. Did you like your method or are there things you would change? We are just starting the walls after dealing with leveling the floor. DH found decking blocks to avoid digging. Digging would have been easier imo.

    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    that would be fun to have a neighborhood dog, but buses pick people up at their houses and their arent side walks to walk on here so it really wouldnt be the same, plus half the people near me would probably shot it! Lily sounds like she was a great dog. I know what you. Even if they live a long happy life, you still feel as if they die to soon. My parents also used to breed great danes (they stopped after she had a few litters,people were disappointed as they did not charge nearly as much as other pepeole did with their outragious prices!). One time Onix (not sure how to spell her name) had a litter of pups. I was at the most 5. She had one brindle pup all the other were black or black or white. Every time someone would come to look at the pups to pick one, I would hid in the hay loft with him! After several attempts of sneaking the puppy away and claming him as mine, my parents finally gave in and said Icould keep him. He didnt even live to be 6 months old. He had intestine problems that were unfixable and we had him putdown. Of course I was sad, but we were best buddies and had a lot of fun together

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