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    Little Ameraucana Mom Need Help, Can't stop hatching!!!

    Jul 8, 2008
    Greencastle, In
    My cat are house cats and they do catch mice , but they think they are play toys, and half the time let them go. Maybe your cats need to give mine a talking to !!

    Bad thing about building coops is it never ends, you just keep having to build or buy more !! LOL !! Good luck, can't wait to see it when it is done.!!
    How sweet !!

    I love Turkey run, I'm wanting to go to Spring Mill next !!! We love Parks and Zoos !!

    Tough Job , but someone has to do it !!! [​IMG]

    Shipping can do a lot to harm the eggs. Did you see the post on shipped eggs I posted about a week ago ??

    We LOVE Zoos, !!! But haven't gotten away all summer except to the Indianapolis zoo.

    I use to rehome, but after having a family of coons, kill about 25 birds in one night, Nothing leaves here alive any more !!! I had a friend spray paint every one she caught, a different color, she had one come bad that she dumped 10 miles away !!

    It is that time of year, I have feathers every where. It takes LF longer to mature then bantams. Hope to see you there !!

    I agree. Nothing but problems !! Nothing leaves here alive !!

    We never get to take vacations either, unless we can be back in the same day. to many animals, and nobody to take care of them. I'm hopeing to cut back and in 3yrs planning on at least being able to get away over night
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    Hi everyone, I started a thread for the Lebanon show coming up on the 19th: Central Indiana Poultry Show 2013

    Also, is there anyone here who drives from the Lafayette, Attica, Covington, Williamsport, or Crawfordsville area down to the Clay City / Terre Haute area? There's someone in Clay City I'd like to rehome a couple of my chickens with, and before I go the postal service route, I wondered if I could find a human courier :)

    Thanks - exop

    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    the only reason I didnt just let him/her out in the middle of my yard is because I know one of my dogs would of killed it. I dont wetherit was a boy or girl I was just calling it a he. The creek was around 15 miles away. I did not put him by they road either I took him about a half a mile back, there is a little path you can walk down to get to it. I did not touch him either, because I new that they can carry disease, but I did give him some corn to munch on. I am going to be putting the live trap up soon, as I have no need to catch any of the creatures around here anymore. I am going to be finishing runs this month and next month. I tore down my old runs to restart. All the chickens have to stay in the barn now. The bottoms are going to be secure so nothing can dig under and will have covered tops so that nothing can fly or jump in.
    I am envious of the trips too! I have never been to turkey run. I dont usually go far from home. I havent been camping inprobably 3 years. Now is about the time to go to, I like going camping the end of october and novemeber.
    Haha, come one only one of the picsture was gross.the other one just looked like scrambled eggs lol. If he was terroizing my chickens I can say that he probably would not be alive now. But now with how my runs are going to be set up, it impossible for predators to get in. I am going to finish the run next month and next month, right now the chickens have to stay in the barn. The creek was good 15 miles away.

    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    I did read some of it but not all i will go back and read it all.

    When I sent you a pm asking how long until they are mature I was hoping it would be shorter than my LFs, i feel like a wait forever for them to be full grown. I dont usually show my LF until 7-9 months, some mature slower than others. I will see you there! Now I am just taking some cochins, OEGBs, rose comb brown leghorns, a salmon favorelle, and maybe a few dark cornish. So i total 10-15 birds. I would like to take more but pretty much all the other I have are not full grown yet. They are of decent quality, I am not huge into these breeds so I do not as much what to look for as I would with ameraucanas.
  5. Old Salt 1945

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    May 13, 2013
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    I have a farmer friend that invited hunters to his cornfield to shoot raccoons. The cornfield adjoined a creek/woods. There were about 5 acres of cornstalks with no corn. Nearly every tree in the woods had numerous cornstalks hanging from them.

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    Jul 11, 2013
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    I can remember growing up me and my cousin got anywhere from $45 to $60 a hide. Now you are lucky to get $1 so no one hunts them hardly any more that is why they are so thick.

    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    they dragged the corn stalks in the tree with them? That would be weird to see.

    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    My dad told me how he used to trap stuff as a kid and how much money he would get for a hide. He used to trap coons, muskrats, so other animals that I can't rememeber the names of.
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    Jul 1, 2013
    Little Ameraucana Mom: My cats are house cats and they do catch mice , but they think they are play toys, and half the time let them go. Maybe your cats need to give mine a talking to !!

    My cats are house cats, too. I don't let any of our many kitties roam outdoors. And the mice serve as wonderful play toys until they won't run any more. Then the cats are sad.

    We had raccoons in our attic eaves. DH made repairs and shut them out. They came back and dug a hole straight through the top of the roof above an unused bedroom. We didn't know until rainwater flooded into the dining room below. What a horrible mess!! Had to replace part of the roof, ceilings, part of a wall, carpet, wallpaper. Ugh!
    Now they are in our porch roof. I can see their footprints up the side of the house. Grrrrr! I want to trap and drown them, but DH is too kind. He wants to relocate them to a park only blocks away, which is useless. He is half-hearted about catching them. I found he had set the trap with no bait! Sigh. I'd call professionals, if they weren't so expensive. I need some 'coon hunters!

    My brother, a carpenter, is going to turn a backyard shed into a chicken coop for me as soon as he has the time. I want triple pane windows and insulation. How do I provide ventilation in winter without causing drafts? Where should it go? Up high? Down low? Both? I read that at least 1/5th of wall space should be open for ventilation. That seems like a lot in winter. Do I still need that with the deep litter method or with poop boards?
    We have nearly an acre all together, but we can't really free range with fence on only two sides of the yard and a big garden taking up a lot of space, so I want to add a ginormous run. Should I add a little run where they could be contained? We will need netting over the entire run for the hawks and owls we have, and buried hardware cloth for the raccoons and 'possums. I can't see the shed/coop from the house and I want a Fort Chicken! Since raccoons and 'possums are nocturnal and the chickens would be in the coop at night, do I need to bury the hardware cloth around the entire perimeter of the run or just around the coop? (Guess I might have chickens that camp outdoors like some of you do; then I'd have to do the entire run.) Do I need hardware cloth around the entire run? Does anyone have an automatic chicken door with a daylight sensor? How do you like it? Questions! Questions!
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    Hi, Toodlesmom.
    We use one end of our shed for the chicken coop. It's 8' wide and has a 2' sq barn sash window on the North and South walls, and the pophole is on the East wall. The people door and nestboxes are on the common wall of the coop/shed.
    We have ventilated soffits on the outside, and the forth side of the coop (common shed wall) is venitlated to the inside of the shed.
    It seems to be sufficient ventilation, without being drafty. Was cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    We have the Ador chicken door, which is automatic, runs on a lantern battery. Photocell allows automatic closing at dusk and opening at dawn. Like it very much.
    Best of luck!
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