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    Nov 8, 2012
    English, Indiana
    The other thing you can do is separate her but place 1 or two of the most docile hens with her as companions. That way she won't be the only newbie when you add them back into the flock.
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    Jun 1, 2013
    I have one blue ameruacana hen and a blue wheaten ameruacana roo. They are both 20 weeks old but I realized they seemed to be small for their age. So I was thinking what may have caused theire small sized and then it hit me. I put them on layer feed way to early for there age (they were six weeks old when I did that) and now I feel really stupid of why I would do that. My main question is are they small because I put them on layer early or is it something else? And if it was because of me switching the feed is the damage already done or could I put them on starter again?

    Any thoughts?
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    Apr 5, 2013
    I've managed to catch up and keep up with this thread I think. I wanted to reply to a few but can't quote (stupid phone) and now that I'm here I can't remember who I wanted to reply to. But I wanted to say welcome to the newbies. Sorry to everyone who's had losses lately. The temps have been horrible! I've been worried to death about my animals. I've not been having much luck with anything. I thought I finally had it figured out and things going well but now I have a duck with issues. Idk if its sick or injued so I'm thinking about trying to find a vet on this one. On another note I believe it was Brad who said he use to incubate reptile eggs? I no this is not chicken related but I was curious if you still have reptiles, and if so what kind? Hope everyone has a good day and stays cool.
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    i let all of mine out to free range, hoping they find cool shade. it's so humid though, it's hard to find relief.
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    yup I used to have a lot of reptiles. My younger brother helped out with them so it wasnt bad until he moved out lol. We had close to 100 reptiles. Most were blue tongue skinks and crested geckos, but also had leopard geckos, ball pythons, chameleons, tokay geckos, corn snakes, argentine tegu, and a few others including tarantulas. Once he moved out it was way too much for me to care for on my own with 3 dogs, cat, and a parrot (chickens came after most reptiles were sold). I still have a few blue tongue skinks but would like to get some crested geckos again.
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    Jun 30, 2012
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    I've done the same. So far so good. There were pretty happy to see me when I got home from work yesterday though. They had drank all of their waterers dry. I refilled those and freshened up the duck pool and all was right with the world again. I'll be happy to get a break from this over the weekend, but then it looks like chance of storms nearly every day next week. Can't win. Is 75 degrees and sunny every day too much to ask? :)
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    May 13, 2013

    The gate incident was probably a month ago, I looked her over really well when it happened but she didn't seem injured just scared. Ill see what I can do to get a seperate area for her for a bit. Ofcourse shes the only one that has a name ;) and is by far the friendliest chicken so I'll give her a chance.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    aww, poor baby turkey, sorry about your loss.
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    Jan 29, 2012
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    Quote:I don't know for sure, I think that ameracana's are naturally smaller than some of the large fowl. I know all of my EE's are smaller than the rest of my large fowl. I could be blowing smoke though. my chicks only get starter for about 4-6 weeks then the switch to cracked corn/free range with the rest of my flock. I've never had any grown problems from that. could they be bantams?

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