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Jul 20, 2016
hello all! i have recently purchased a small farm. i have had ducks for a year now, but am building a much larger run with a small pond. my husband and i are extremely busy and sometimes are gone for work for a few days. we'd like to enclose them in a 54 x 48ft when we are away with plenty of food and water. we are stumped for a roof.
corrugated metal and poultry wire seems a bit too expensive. we are leaning towards aviary netting, but are a bit wary of what to purchase. would something like this work:®-Netting-Poultry/dp/B001W2AG2M , or is in not durable enough? i've been searching and it seems that there are other options, but they could cost almost $1,000 when it's finished. any suggestions, thoughts, or insights on a whole different roofing material?
You might take a look at what Majestic Waterfowl has done.

Especially if you plan to leave them for days at a time, they must be in a predator proof enclosure, top bottom and sides. With days unhindered, predators can work at your defenses all they want, till they get in.

I would also consider a game camera that you can check remotely, water supply that is "bullet proof" in other words, no chance at all that they could run out of water - dehydration is deadly - and I would still have a human being check on them a few times a day.

Ducks can get into trouble without predators - getting a foot caught, or a wing, or having a fight with another duck, or eggbound . . . I just want you to avoid heartache.
You could try chain link fence panels or dog kennel panels as long as the height of your run is such that something reaching in through the chain link cant reach the ducks when teir neck is fully extended.

Cattle panels are another options but in my area the cattle panels cost more than chain link panels.

I'd consider placing a tarp or shade cloth over a portion of the top so you've got some guaranteed shade.

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