Infected chicken eye or Worms?


Oct 21, 2021
Good morning! My lil girl chick, about 8 weeks old, has some sort of eye infection. We got her from a swap three weeks ago with another chicken who died shortly after we received her from what I believe is an illness. Maybe they both came sick? I noticed it starting a few days ago, and started Curicyn solution two days ago with no improvement as of this morning. There is a white film over her eye (shown in the picture from this morning), but not a lot of discharge. She scratches at it at times but not obsessively. She was removed from the flock and no one else seems affected at this point. Nothing else appears wrong; no nasal discharge or wheezing, no blood or mucous in stools, eating a drinking fine. Corid was also put into her water and all the other chickens’ waters as we thought maybe an intestinal parasite killed the other one. I’ve read there could possibly be worms in the eye. I’m just not sure. I’ll take her to the vet if need be but I’m trying to help her myself right now if I can.


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Looks like pus in the eye. It will need to be cleaned out and flushed well. I will post a video below showing pus being removed from an eye, sometimes it comes out easily, sometimes it takes more work to get it out, sometimes it adheres to the eye. You can flush with sterile saline or eye wash (any pharmacy will have). Once it's cleaned out well you can use terramycin eye ointment (many tractor supply stores carry it) or plain neosporin in the eye 2 or 3 times a day. It could be from an injury to the eye or debris getting in there, but a respiratory infection is also possible, and since you lost another that was ill that would have to be considered. Some respiratory diseases are chronic and symptoms will recur, particularly during times of stress. If trying to do this yourself is uncomfortable for you, then vet care would be best.

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