Infection/Fungus on comb getting worse


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I will post pics in order of when I first noticed to today. About 10 days now.

I thought she was just getting picked on because she is the smallest and was one of 2 newbies a few months ago. But it's getting SO much worse. It's hard as a rock, swollen to about 3/4 inch thick, cracking, bleeding and almost looks like it's eating through the comb. She has wart looking spots on her waddles, eye, and ears as well. The feed store said it was a fungal infection and to put neosporin on it for a week. Well it's not helping. I don't want her to suffer but I'm not willing to drop $100 on a vet visit either. I'm also afraid for the rest of my flock.

Some facts: She is eating, drinking and laying normally.

Please any opinions on what this might be, what her prognosis is and if it's contagious. Also are her eggs safe?

(4/7/13 I just realized I had this earlier pic)



Have you ever tried topical silver ointment or gel? I have found it to be effective for a lot of various skin infections and conditions. You can get it at some health food stores.
Probably all exposed already, if she's getting picked on I would. No sneezing, runny nose/eyes?

She had one day of a runny nose and I did separate her that day but its gone now. She is actually improving now thank god. I was putting oil of oregano on it
She fully recovered. Her scabs started falling off and her comb had white spots at first but is getting red every day. None of the other chickens got it. I did apply neosporin everyday just to help w any discomfort she may have.
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I just tried to keep it clean with warm salt water then applied generous amounts of neosporin for comfort purposes. It resolved itself after a few weeks. The scabs started falling off and after some white patches she looks good as new :) None of my other girls had issues with this and I haven't seen it since. Good luck!

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