Infection or Bruising?

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Sep 16, 2019
SW Georgia
My favorite rooster got attacked by a hawk and he was able to fight him off.

We washed the wound and treated for shock. He’s fine, but now that I bathed him just now I noticed his back.

Is that infection setting in or bruising? I’m going to the store in a few to get something just in case it’s infection. Unfortunately we didn’t put anything on his wound except water because we were more worried about his shock.

This happened Thursday early evening. It is now Saturday afternoon.


Update: he ended up healing well and has integrated with his new flock even though they’re still too young to mate 🤣
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Flush with saline solution, then betadine and an eye type triple antibiotic ointment.
He should heal fine.

Thanks I’ll go buy that now.

We’ve treated a worse wound from a stray dog and the hen healed up fine, so I have high hopes for him especially because he stands and started crowing again this morning.
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