Info on Alpine goats?


May 20, 2017
hi! I finally decided what breed I am planning to breed to my Nubians...
Alpines! Does anyone have any advice on Alpine care or anything like that? Also what are the downsides to this breed? And one more, does anyone have any idea where to find an Alpine stud in Arizona?
Contact the American Dairy Goat Association and ask them to send you a list of breeders in your area. Their web site is, I think. If you don't have any luck there PM me.

Alpines are my favorite breed and I raised them for many years. The Alpine Nubian cross works out well, but I am curious as to why you don't want to breed your Nubians to a Nubian. The only downside to the breed I can think of is that they tend to bully other goats.
I have dairy goats too, and it may be just a personality thing but Alpines and me never have meshed
I think it's because they tend to be very independent and are also known for jumping, everything, they will jump over everything! So tall fencing!
I currently have Nubian, Lamancha and mix of the two.
LOVE my goaties!
Have you looked into Lamanchas? Their production is close to a sannen and butterfat is only a few points lower than a Nubian. I've found them to be easy keeps, good feet, good parisite resistance and typically good mother's will little kidding issues. And I like their tiny ears, starts lots of conversation with folks who stop in to see them. :)
Yes, we did look into Lamanchas. we are debating between lamancha and Alpine right now. It would be easier to find a lamancha stud. Our main needs include Quiet and Sweet Creamy Milk! What is the noise level for Lamanchas vs Alpine?
It depends on the goat. I once had a LaMancha given to me that the owner had nicknamed The American Loudmouth. The American was because she was an American LaMancha. The loudmouth is self explanatory. For some reason she was quiet at my place. That said, all breeds, with the exception of some lines of Toggenburgs, will give good milk. Of the full sized dairy goats, Nubians consistently give the best and richest milk. As a breed, Nubians are also the most vocal.
Yes, Nubians are very vocal. My Lamanchas have always been more on the quiet side. I had one doe however who would cry and cry when she was going into labor until I came and SAT with her in the barn and if I had to go into the house for some reason she'd get all upset again and scream till I got back in the barn. Otherwise we never heard a peep out of
Our Nubians are the loudest things you ever heard!! We call them our doorbells because they live in the pasture in the front yard! We just hear BAA BAAAA, and we know somebody is here.:lau We jump back and forth between Alpine and lamancha. We can't find and Alpine buck unless we bought this one guy and sold him once he "did his job".

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