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    Nov 23, 2012
    I hope im in the right section. Anyway I have 17 laying/pet chickens so I am familiar with keeping chickens. However I made mention to my husband how insanely beautiful the phoenix is and how I wouldn't mind having a pair to show in our local fair. Well I just found out he has purchased me as a present two phoenix (cockerel and pullet). As I stated in the title I want to show. He purchased silver onagadori and will be here in a week.
    My questions are:
    1. Diet for optimal feather growth and condition.
    2. Care of the roos tail feathers to get maximum lenght.
    3. Bathing of the roo as to not damage his feathers.
    4. Raising them for showing.
    I have been reading on the housing for them and will be building a 6'x4'x3' cage which will be inside my home as I will not let them be outside. The roost pole will be 2' 6" from the top of the cage. Is this a proper height?
    I have read keeping the roos tail feathers in a hair net keeps the feathers from being damaged. Is this correct? If so do I keep the net on at all times except during show?
    Any info will be extremely appreciated and thank you in advance.

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