Info on strange bump = preening gland

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    Feb 19, 2010
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    Dear BYC,
    I love your forum. As a first-year chicken keeper, I have turned to your site many many times to find answers.
    However, this morning when I found a strange bump/protrusion on my Hen's back, I found no information in your forums. I looked at your anatomy diagram and it did not help. It was on another chicken website called Chicken Eggspert, that I found the answer to my question. I learned that the little finger-like protrusion on her back is normal - it's a Preening Gland.

    I think every chicken owner should know this before they cut it off or something, thinking it's an ingrown feather! (... which is what I was about to do.)

    Please include this anatomical feature in your Chicken Anatomy Info pages. I'm going to post in the Diseases/Emergencies forum. [​IMG]

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