Information about neutering a rooster


9 Years
Apr 5, 2013
Kingston, WA
I am new to having chickens. I just got 11 of them and i think a couple may be roosters. I am interested in possibly having the alleged roosters neutered (or whatever it's called). Has anyone had this done? How safe is it? How painful is it to the bird? And is there any painkillers you can give the bird? I would be doing this just to keep the rooster as a pet not to eat or anything like that. If i don't do this then i will most likely get rid of him. Thanks in advance for any information you might have
It's called caponizing in a bird. It's a risky surgical procedure, unlike mammals the bird's testicles are inside the body. There are threads on the meat bird section with photos and folks' real life experience.

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