injured baby.


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Mar 23, 2008
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i was in the box with my baby delewares last night getting more acquainted with my girls when i noticed that one of my chicks had something wrong with it.

on her right foot her toe on the outside seems to be broken. instead of poking out forward like the other toes do, it bends out at an almost 90 degree angle. shocked to see the deforminty i immediately picked her up to further investigate.

she didn't peep or scream or act hurt at all when i touched the toe. i wiggled it and moved it in every which direction to see if it was causing her any pain.

so my question is if i should go ahead and be the overly cautious daddy and take her to the vet, or leave her be and let her grow up with a slightly irregular foot? i'm mostly concerned about the fact that i don't know if it is or how dangerous this could be to my dellie. this is my first time with baby chicks and i wouldn't want some sort of fatal disease to go unnoticed.

thanks for all your comments and help.


oh, and just a side note- we've been waiting to name our babies until they've developed more diverse personalities, etc. i've got a few pegged but until last night i didn't have a name for the little one with the broken toe. so now we've donned him "gimpy". kind of tragic i know, but gimpy is who she'll be for the time being. : ) i'll try to get a pic of her little toe up as soon as possible.
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Daughter noticed one of the last babies we got (3wk old bantams) has a weird toe thing too. I'll watch along with you to see how serious a toe thing is. Ours has what looks like webbed toes on the outside of her foot. Not a big issue but it makes her walk funny.

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