Injured beak, breathing badly, Please help!!


Jun 16, 2017
I'm extremely worried about my silkie Cotton, she wears diapers and roams our room in the morning, I woke up extra early today and let her out to roam while i was up, I laid back down and about an hour later my fiance was getting out of bed and didn't notice her, stepping on her beak, he feels extremely bad and cried for almost an hour sobbing and apologizing to her, her nose was bleeding but it seems to have stopped now, i'm too afraid to flush it in fear of drowning her but it's what i have been recommended, please tell me there is another way! I sadly can't take her to a vet because only one vets office will take her at it's a little over a 3 hour drive, when touching her beak it doesn't seem to hurt her but it's purple and red and blue like it's a bad bruise, she doesn't seem to be able to breathe through her nose but she is gasping through her mouth, she's been like this since this morning and i've so far found no one to help me, Please tell me if there is something I can do!!! :(


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I am so sorry about your silkie. Bantams are fairly delicate chickens and could be easily hurt. In the picture, the beak looks a little bruised, so there may be swelling which might lead to difficulty breathing through her nose. I would just keep her food and water near her and hope that the swelling goes down. A baby aspirin crushed in a small amount of wet chicken feed or chopped egg may help with the pain and help reduce the inflammation. If she doesn't start to improve in a day or so, it might be good to research Casportpony's thread "Go team tube feeding," where you could lern to tube feed.

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