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Apr 11, 2012
Hey Ya'll:)
Having a bit of a dilemma...could use some advice. On the way to work this morning I came up on a polish rooster in the middle of a busy highway. (Only me, I mean really!) I stopped and picked him up. On inspection, he is very lethargic, possible broken wings, COVERED in tiny maggots. I have sprayed him with peroxide, but they just keep would be impossible to pick them all off as they are so tiny. Normally, I would go ahead and put him down, but when I put water in front of him, he drinks it, which shows me a will to I'm torn here. I'm administering an antibiotic and a vitamin in the water, any advice on how to get rid of all these maggots?
More than likely your gonna have to pick them out yourself. I would maybe place him in a warm water bath and see if any more of them will come out. Antibiotic is a must and see if you can figure out where they are coming from. Good luck with him.
Hello, Just on a science level maggots only eat dead flesh. They have been used for centuries to clean wounds because they will not eat the living tissue. While there is a huge gross factor, they might be the thing that is keeping that poor rooster alive.

Just something to think about,

Just wanted to update. Ended up culling the poor little bird. He went down hill pretty fast...thanks for the response.
I don't post much here but I've learned his is THE site to go to if I have questions:)
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