Injured Chick Sick or Trying to Heal?

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    Jan 6, 2015
    Hello Again BYC Family,

    First of all thank you for all your love and support for my Sadie who was injured last Sunday. She is fighting to get better. I am still finding it hard to feed her and she will drink water now out of her dish as long as I tap it because she still can't open her eyes yet. For the past two days she has showed signs of drooping appearance and slobbering with congested nose. Sadie has been dropper feed water and soupy textured crumble with hard boiled egg yoke for protein that I'm wondering if she got some in her nasal passages. I've listened to her breathing through her back between her shoulder blades with a stethoscope but no rattling. However, the downy feathers are sweaty looking and I'm wondering if it a fever of some kind. I bought Vet Rx today and applied it as follows and gave her some in her drinking water which she drank on her own. I'm not sure if she is fighting an upper respiratory infection of some kind or she is just fighting to heal. I need some advice. Thanks again for all of your love and support.
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    I just saw your other posts, and responded on your previous thread. I have read that fever is shown by ruffled feathers on the back of the neck. Chicken temperatures can range from 103 to 107 degrees.

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