Injured chick?

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6 Years
Jun 4, 2013
On Wednesday my broody hen successfully hatched 5 chicks, unfortunately one of my other hens started stealing chicks, and we lost 2 before we realised what was happening. Mummy hen and the 3 remaining babies were removed to a large plastic storage box in our downstairs bathroom. Today mummy hen was starting to seem rather fed up of being in a box, so I returned them outside with the other 2 hens, and it seemed to be going ok. Both the other hens had a peck at the chicks, but they were quickly seen off my mummy (who is alpha hen normally). About 2 hours ago I looked out (I'd been checking on the regularly) and saw one chick lying on the floor looking on the verge of death. It looked like mummy had been taking them back to the coop (they'd been exploring) and Splodge (the chick) had got left behind and attacked by another hen. I scooped her up and returned all three chicks, and mummy, to the plastic box in the house. There are no obvious signs of injury, she did perk up quite a bit once back in with mum and I have seen her standing up since, but not eating with the others. She seems not quite right, but there is nothing I can put my finger on. Am I doing the right thing just leaving her in with mum to see what happens? It's dark here now, so they've all gone to sleep anyway, do I just cross my fingers and see what the morning brings?
Yep, best to just wait and see. Hopefully she wasn't too injured by the other hens. You will need to keep them separated until they are big enough to protect themselves from the other hens. If possible put together a small penned in area for them. You can use whatever you have on hand, I have used old chicken wire, bales of hay, cardboard , etc.

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