Injured Chicken (Neck Wound)

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    Sep 29, 2016
    I went out to check on my chickens today and I noticed that one of my chickens had blood on her feet. I then looked and noticed blood ALL over an egg. My Barred Rock, Anika was bleeding from her neck. She looks to have some feathers that have been pulled out and was probably pecked there and it started bleeding. She has blood all over. We have all hens. My Ameracauna is known for pecking my chickens. She pecked my two black chickens necks bare. What do I do?
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    May 7, 2016
    Hello! That sounds horrible.

    I'd make sure it's the Ameracauna. Do you have any roosters?
    You should probably separate the bloody chicken and quarantine it to prevent it from getting hurt more. Blood is never good for other chickens to see.

    Can you send pictures?

    How bad is it?

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    Hey, sorry for your trouble. Definitely isolate the hurt chicken and clean her up as well as you can to see the extent of damage. Spray the wound with antiseptic spray or apply bacitracin ointment.
    If you know which chicken is pecking the others, remove her and keep her separate from the others for a few days. She should not be where she can see the others if possible. Then try putting her back in with the others. This should knock her down the "pecking order",so maybe she will stop pecking everyone.
    If that doesn't work and she keeps pecking, you may have to rehome her. Sorry and good luck!
  4. BackyardChicks1

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    Sep 29, 2016
    We do not have any roosters. The more that we looked at it we think it may have come from her comb, wattle or neck. I do not have a phone so I can not send pictures. There was a lot of blood on the egg and her but not a life threatening amount. She is doing a lot better.

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